WSSC Felltimber Campus Biodiversity Pole 31 Oct 2014The United Nations (UN) Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Murray-Darling’s (MD) vision is to establish a consortium of key regional stakeholders within and across Murray-Darling communities that will support and promote sustainability through the integration of research, education and community engagement initiatives.
(Photo courtesy of Bart Citroen, 31/10/13 – Wodonga Middle Years College Garden.)

The UN RCE-MD can be distinguished by its:

  • Clear geographical focus on the Murray-Darling Basin;
  • Specific focus of activity and initiatives on the goal of sustainability/sustainable development; and
  • Unique strategic approach that integrates research, education, training and community engagement projects and collaborations.

The UN RCE-MD is a creative re-combination of existing resources that assists in enabling those activities and initiatives and to add value to them through collaborative partnerships, networks and resource-sharing as well as identifying and generating additional resource opportunities.


The UN RCE-MD has an over-riding focus directed toward assisting the development of sustainable, resilient, culturally diverse and prosperous communities that build on the region’s competitive attributes.

The UN RCE-MD is a centre of expertise or ‘think tank’ that will:

  • inform and educate the community about sustainability through forums, action and education;
  • provide a catalyst for leadership and support local sustainability initiatives;
  • harness opportunities and maximize effectiveness of initiatives through collective power;
  • serve as a mechanism for sharing resources and ideas;
  •  act as a platform that links education providers, employers, industries and the community; and
  • engage processes that “re-conceptualize” community engagement as a critical aspect of future life.

Is the UN RCE-MD relevant to me and/or my organisation?

We are commonly asked this question and the answer is generally “YES”!  See here for more.  We look forward to working with you.

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