Is the UN RCE relevant to me and/or my organisation?


MDB map-largeIs the UN RCE-MD relevant to me and/or my organisation?

We are commonly asked this question and the answer is generally “YES”! The meaning of the terms “Sustainability” and “Sustainable Development” are essentially the same and Australia has adopted the term “Sustainability” to cover this broad area of social, economic and environmental issues. The best definition of these terms we have found is the response given by an African Elder in Johannesburg in 1992 to Charles Hopkins who was attending the United Nations Conference – enough, for all, forever.
(Image: Map of the Murray-Darling Basin (Ben Spraggon), ABC.)

If you are working to ensure current and future generations are sustainable and resilient through social, economic and/or environmental activities and initiatives, or you would like to, the UN RCE-MD is for you.

The UN RCE-MD provides an exciting and beneficial opportunity for you and/or your organisation to:

  • build on existing EfS initiatives and activities;
  • showcase initiatives and projects related to sustainable development;
  • collaborate and share information and ideas with other organisations;
  • meet an organisation’s strategic goals for sustainability, economic development and planning;
  • leverage funding to achieve the UN RCE-MD goals.

 What does the UN RCE-MD want?

To feature in your planning as a critical enabling agent in:

  • community engagement;
  • research; and
  • education and training – formal or informal (and most of us are engaged in informal efforts).

What does the UN RCE-MD need?

  • continued dialogue;
  • ongoing engagement; and
  • consider the potential value of the UN RCE-MD in your present and future planning.

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