On 9 December 2013, a meeting of stakeholders elected the following members to an Interim Board who will investigate the best governance structure and strategies for going forward:

  • Jane Young (North East Catchment Management Authority)
  • Rob Fenton (National Environment Centre, Riverina Institute of TAFE)
  • Nikki Scott (Institute of Land, Water and Society, CSU)
  • John Rafferty (RCE-MD, CSU)
  • Narelle Martin (Two Hemispheres Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd)
  • Cr Joan White (Murray-Darling Association (based in Texas, QLD))

Stakeholders also elected a Special Advisor to the Interim Board:

  • Neil Davidson (Collaborative Innovation Systems, Integrative Services, Wicked Solutions Broking (based in Brisbane))

In keeping with our commitments to the UN, the RCE-MD Board will be drawn from representatives of the stakeholder community. The governing body, when it is formed, will be responsible for:

  • the strategic direction of the RCE;
  • setting priorities for RCE activities and projects;
  • ensuring RCE-MD activities align with the RCE’s vision, objectives and strategic direction;
  • ensuring that the day-to-day functioning of RCE-MD reflects a commitment to sustainability; and
  • risk management.

A chair and deputy chair of the Board will be elected for a three year term by the constituent stakeholders.

Costa by Will Inveen 31 October 2013Our Patron is Costa Georgiadis, who also attended the official launch of the UN RCE-MD on 31 October 2013. (Photo courtesy of Will Inveen)