United Nations RCE Murray Darling (UN RCE-MD) was officially acknowledged by the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies on 21 December 2012.

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The UN RCE-MD can be distinguished by its:

  • Clear geographical focus on the Murray-Darling Basin;
  • Specific focus of activity and initiatives on the goal of sustainability/sustainable development; and
  • Unique strategic approach that integrates research, education, training and community engagement projects and collaborations.

The UN RCE-MD is a creative re-combination of existing resources that assists in enabling those activities and initiatives and to add value to them through collaborative partnerships, networks and resource-sharing as well as identifying and generating additional resource opportunities.

UN RCE-MD – the story so far

In 2011, discussions between CSU and the Centre for Sustainable Skills (an initiative of Wodonga Institute of Technical and Further Education) centred on the possibility of establishing a Regional Centre of Expertise, given the many and varied ESD activities both organisations were engaged in and others occurring in the region. These discussions led to a formal commitment from the Chief Executive Officer of Wodonga TAFE and CSU’s Vice-Chancellor for their respective institutions to lead the application for the establishment of a RCE-MD.

On 21 December 2012 the United Nations University officially acknowledged the RCE-MD.

To find out about the official launch of the UN RCE-MD click here.

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